Three Ways To Sell Your House Fast & Move Out

You may be here because you wish to sell your Charlotte home quickly and relocate. 

A traditional sale involving a waiting period of 30 to 61 days is certainly out of the question. Still, you have multiple options. We will focus on the three most discussed ones: auctioning your house, home swapping, or selling your property quickly to cash buyers. 

But first, a quick look at some basics. 

Why Do Homeowners Prefer Selling Fast?

  • Financial difficulties
  • Divorce
  • Job transfer or change
  • Mortgage 
  • Job loss
  • Family member’s health
  • The deteriorating condition of the property 

Now, let’s explore the merits and demerits of three of the best options. 


Perhaps, bankruptcy and repossession are words that come to mind when it comes to property auctions. However, even homeowners can approach auctioning companies. Such firms organize auctions for homes that need renovation or lack sufficient charm to attract value. 

An auction can help sell your house quicker than a traditional sale. Buyers who have funds at their disposal place their bids and complete the transaction quickly.  

Are you worried about the minimum selling price? Reverse auctions involve a limit when it comes to the selling price.

Professionals urge participants to bid higher by creating a sense of urgency in the atmosphere. Therefore, you might even receive bids more than your initial expectation. 

It is crucial to note that auctioneers may charge a fixed fee and a commission on the sale price. The commission percentage can even cross 5 percent. 

There should be something good about the property to generate interest from bidders. It can be the location, surroundings, or historical value. Otherwise, your house may not attract bids during the auction time frame. 

An auction does not involve multiple showings. Participants and bidders know that properties are sold in as-is condition. So you won’t have to bother about repairs. However, some auctioneers urge sellers to fix crucial areas of the house to make it appealing. Yet, auctioneers cannot offer any guarantee, and your home may not sell. The highest bid may also be far lower than your expectations. 

Home Swapping

As you can guess, we are not discussing home exchange for vacation. Instead, this is about buying a new home and simultaneously selling the old one. 

Some home swap service firms help sellers in fixing their houses. They take care of the new home’s down payment and pay the old house’s mortgage for six months. However, there is a considerable fee amount and other costs involved. Plus, the participant requires a specific credit score to qualify. 

Estate agents are involved in buying the new house and selling the old one. So, there is a commission payment involved. 

Homeowners prefer the option as they do not have to worry about paying two mortgages while the property remains listed for sale. 

You can contact home-swapping companies, property dealers, construction companies and home-exchange websites to know if your house makes you eligible for enrollment in such programs.  

Some websites charge a membership fee for the listing and connect members who wish to swap homes in the chosen areas. 

Home-swap option is ideal if your house is in good condition. Yes, you guessed it right, people wish to move and start living without spending time and money on repair work. 

Sell Your Home for an All-Cash Offer

Home auction and swapping options are out of the question if the house is not in good shape. You certainly cannot afford to list the property and wait for months unless you are Richie Rich. So, which is the ideal option? 

No worries. Cash buyers can surely help you, as they quickly buy Charlotte homes in as-is condition. 

Home rental companies, iBuyers, real estate investors, cash home-buying companies, and individual buyers can make cash offers in most markets. They don’t rely on a mortgage for finance, and this is what expedites the process. As a result, selling your house in an all-cash deal has significant benefits. 

Quick & Easy

Selling your home to all-cash buyers is the best and most preferred option for homeowners who wish to close the sale quickly. No need to show your house to hundreds of strangers, no repairs, and of course, you won’t have to spend a fortune on estate agent fees or commission. 

Do sellers appreciate all-cash offers? Yes, they do. A report published by Fortune magazine suggests all-cash deals accounted for roughly 32 percent of homes sold during 2021.

I want to move out and sell my house quickly. Whom should I approach? I wish to sell my Charlotte home in seven days; which firm buys homes in as-is condition and offers the best all-cash deal? We often come across these and similar questions. Here’s some good news for you! We, Cash Today Home Buyers, are actively seeking properties in Charlotte, NC. If you want a quick, hassle-free transaction, feel free to contact us. 

Why Choose Cash Today Home Buyers?

  • You can sell your house in as-is condition
  • There are no real-estate fees, commissions, or last-minute surprise charges
  • You won’t have to repair or even clean the house before selling
  • No listing or showings are involved
  • You can sell your residential property in seven days and get funds transferred to your account

Don’t wait. Call us at (704) 665-0195 and share your property details, or fill out our online form to get an offer quickly!

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