Can I Sell My Old House as-is to Cash Home Buyers in Charlotte?

The claim may sound unbelievable, but you can sell your house in as little as seven days.

Homeowners who use the right approach often find at least five buyers for houses priced below $1 million.

You certainly wish to know your options for selling your old house fast in Charlotte, NC. So let’s quickly dive into details for the four most preferred ways.

Traditional Way of Selling is Not Ideal for Old Homes 

As you probably have a general idea, the average waiting time in traditional sales is roughly 40 to 61 days.

Inventory is low in Charlotte, and homes are selling quickly. No doubt, it is a seller’s market these days. You can even end up getting more than the asking price. 

But it is crucial to note that the house needs to be in good shape. So, if your home is old and needs immediate repairs and fixes, you should strike off the traditional way of selling from the list of options. 

Selling the House on Your Own

You can sell the house independently and save a fortune on real estate agent fees. Such dwellings are tagged as FSBO- for sale by the owner. 

You can register on one of the FSBO websites to help you find a buyer. However, there is no certainty regarding the amount of time and work required to sell the house. 

Plus, handling inquiries, home inspections, and tedious paperwork remain a part of the deal. 

Overall, FSBO is suitable for homeowners who have previously handled responsibilities and sold properties. 

Home Swap or House Trading 

Home swap is the best alternative for sellers who wish to relocate elsewhere quickly. The procedure is quicker compared to the traditional selling process. Property owners in declining markets often find it a big boon. 

You can directly contact and deal with the owner of the other property or work with companies that run home swap programs. Both parties decide the property value and plan the swap accordingly. 

There are additional benefits of working with a home swap or exchange company. First, sellers can buy the other house, relocate, then complete the selling procedure for selling the existing house. Second, if you fit the eligibility criteria, the swap program also allows you to get finance for your new home without closing the mortgage on the older house. 

However, real estate agents, realtors, or other professionals charge fees for the transaction and documentation. Plus, your house needs to be in good, impressive condition. 

Sell Your House for Cash 

Are you trying to sell your old house, which is damaged and requires repairs? Then, you can sell the property quickly to cash buyers. Yes, you can sell it in as-is condition without fixing anything.

It is an ideal way to sell both new and old houses in Charlotte, NC. 

You would certainly like to know how many homes are purchased by cash-buying companies. Reports indicate roughly 32.1% of home sales in Q4 2021 were all-cash offers.

The process is transparent and straightforward. You can share the property details via phone or an online form. Next, the cash-buying company contacts the owner and schedules a day for a property visit. 

Within 24 hours, the cash home-buying firm makes an offer. There is no obligation involved. You can reject the bid or choose to go with the same. 

If you are pleased with the offer, the company plans a proper schedule to close the deal in a step-by-step manner. After signing the agreement, funds are transferred to your bank account. 

No showings, inspections, or repair work is involved in such deals. You directly work with buying companies or individuals, so no estate agents as well. As a result, you save on charges, fees, and closing costs. Additionally, deals go through within days as cash buyers do not rely on mortgage companies. 

The inventory situation in most parts of Charlotte is dicey. But yes, cash buyers are waiting for homes to enter the market.

Some buyers wish to downsize to a small home. Thus, cash-buying companies are also interested in buying inner-city dwellings. 

Cash home-buying companies purchase the house, get it fixed and sell it at a better price when the market condition is just right. Besides cash home-buying firms like Cash Today Home Buyers, even buy-and-hold investors, house flippers, and rental companies can make a cash offer. 

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